Privacy Policy

The personal data received or transmitted to HANDYTECMOBI S.A. by its customers or users of this website, may be subject to automated processing and management, always in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law in force. The HANDYTECMOBI S.A. team will refrain from incorporating such data to its databases (hereinafter, "BDD") except for force majeure or specific reasons; for example, the client or user suffers a serious technological crisis that jeopardizes its BDD making the data processed by HANDYTECMOBI S.A. the only existing backup of such data or the client or user explicitly requests to be contacted by us.

If at the moment of providing the services of HANDYTECMOBI S.A. to its clients or contacting the users of this website, it is verified that the data processed or received belongs to minors, the authorization of whoever has the legal representation of the minor will be requested immediately. The HANDYTECMOBI S.A. team will act at all times to ensure that the rights of minors and their best interests are respected. The legal representative of minors must guarantee them the right to be heard and assess their opinion of the data processing, taking into account the maturity, autonomy and capacity of minors. The representatives are informed of the optional nature of answering questions about the data of minors and the option to request the deletion of this data from the BDD.

HANDYTECMOBI S.A. has adopted the necessary security levels for the protection of personal data legally required, and has installed all the technical means and measures at its disposal in accordance with the best market practices to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and illegitimate theft of personal data provided to HANDYTECMOBI S.A., however, the owner must be aware that technological security measures are not unbreakable.

If you choose to delete your personal data or information, as a customer or user of this website, please contact us.