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Technical Support

Cloud Providers

We are providers of the main clouds for data architectures.

Specialists in data and analytics solutions on the AWS cloud platform and cloud technology stack.

Specialists in data solutions, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Big Data and Analytics

Discover the world's best technologies.

We are LATAM partners, specialists in creating Data Engineering and Data Science solutions on Azure, AWS and GCP clouds.

We offer Data Integration and Business Analytics solutions on the Lumada Data Integration platform and Pentaho.

We create solutions based on new generation Data Warehouses of high performance cloud and on-premise.

Training and knowledge

Accelerate your team's data science and artificial intelligence upskilling.


Online programs and courses in data science, data governance and culture, data engineering and data analytics.


Use of analytics to track teams and specialized evaluations to identify the potential of candidates and collaborators.

Streaming and others

Capitalize data from different sources, in real time.

We implement analytical solutions with the ELK stack (Elastic-search-Logstash-Kibana) for observability, security and infrastructure monitoring.

We implement streaming and data-in-motion solutions, using Apache Kafka technology.