About us

handytec is an ecuadorian company specialized in providing customized Big Data Analytics solutions. We work with cutting-edge technologies and help companies adopt and exploit the transformational power of Data Science to achieve their most ambitious strategic and knowledge objectives.

The true potential of Data Science applied to top business players.

Fast, cost-effective and results-oriented.

Data is valuable, but Analytics really differentiates leaders.

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Our Data Analytics process

We dimension technological capabilities and plan the ideal solution.

We acquire, prepare and store data (structured and unstructured).

We implement specialized tools for data curation and processing.

We analyze data in real time using artificial intelligence algorithms.

We structure and communicate actionable information.

We iterate and scale modularly to detect new opportunities.

Some of our clients

Technologies we use


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How to start?

handytec's Project Planner will help us to better understand what you need. An expert consultant will analyze your request and will prepare the execution of our Discovery Sprint. Then, we will elaborate a business case and an execution plan that will fit your organization.

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